Healthy sleep is the way to health and beauty

Healthy sleep

A healthy, sound sleep is a guarantee of health and well-being for the whole day. Having enough sleep and being in a great mood, you will easily do all the things planned for the day, without spending extra energy and without feeling tired.

Benefits of sleep

Undoubtedly, everyone knows about the benefits of healthy sleep, because almost everyone is familiar with the consequences of lack of sleep, such as lethargy, sleepiness, weakening of immunity and deterioration of work capacity. A person who has had enough sleep is always active, energetic, productive and, as a result, more successful and less prone to stress. Below you will find facts that will make you think about the quality of your sleep.

After a couple of nights without enough sleep, your productivity will decrease by more than 50%, so you should not expect to be productive at work or study.

With a lack of sleep, digestion and absorption of eaten food will decrease by 30%, as a result of which you may develop diarrhea and other gastrointestinal pathologies.

During the day, a person is constantly faced with stressful situations, in order to become more resistant to stress, it is necessary to get a good night’s sleep. Thanks to this, you will notice how your reaction to various events will change; you will be less emotional, more calm and prudent.

Lack of sleep leads to rapid aging of the body. If you don’t believe it, try to sleep 4 hours a day and in a few days you will feel like an elderly person, prone to diseases, slow and easily irritated. It takes about a week to restore the body’s strength and resources.

You should not read abstracts or reports until late at night, it is better to go to bed and start work in the morning. Sleep is necessary for productive work; it increases the efficiency of the brain and all its processes.

There are many professions in which people are forced to work night shifts. Daytime sleep is a savior for them, because after sleeping for at least half an hour before work, you will give the body an opportunity to regain strength, which will allow you to cope with all the stresses. If one day after the night shift you are busy and can’t sleep, take Waklert or Armod. You’ll be working more effectively, staying awake longer, and feeling much better by the end of a long hard day.

Also, it is better not to do any physical activity after a sleepless night. Your body is weakened and more prone to stress. Training can lead to overtiredness and weakened immunity, which in turn will lead to diseases.

Phases of sleep

Sleep has two phases, REM and non-REM. The most important is the slow phase of non-REM sleep, which affects the efficiency and productivity of your work throughout the day. REM sleep helps to normalize the mental state, balances, makes more resistant to stress and restores strength.

Duration of sleep

Probably everyone knows that the ideal duration of sleep is 8 hours. Not only lack of sleep is dangerous, but also too long sleep, which is more likely to harm the body.