8 ways to be more productive at work during the summer


1. Take a vacation.

If you have the opportunity, then plan at least a couple of days of vacation for July-August. You will rest, become more energetic and return to work more productive. There are a huge number of studies that show the positive impact of vacation on work efficiency. Vacation helps to avoid emotional and creative burnout.

Studies have shown that employees who do not have a long vacation are more likely to make mistakes at work. Of course, longer rest will help you relax and get rid of fatigue and stress. But even 1 day of rest has a positive effect on a person’s mental health. Vacation is a time to relax from stress at work, sleep more and pamper yourself.

2. Set realistic goals.

The best way to demotivate yourself is to start a long and tedious project. Don’t try to be overly ambitious: you can quickly burn out emotionally with an idea. It is better to use your time in the summer to sort out the “little things” that you constantly left for later.

The summer months are a great time to analyze the results of the first half of the year. They are also ideal for analyzing your marketing data. For the manager, summer calm is a great opportunity to review prospects and improve their skills.

3. Do not place the phone near a work area and set it to silent mode.

Everyone knows that constantly checking your phone is a reliable way to interfere with performance. Replies to every message, viewing news on Facebook, subscribing to Twitter – all this interrupts work, even if you do not notice it. One possible solution to increase productivity is to turn off all messages except phone calls.

4. Reduce your time on social networks.

The number of social network users continues to grow every year. Previously, they were actively used only by young people, but now both children and the elderly have their own pages. But despite this popularity, social networks can cause real harm to our health. Studies have shown that some of the most popular social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, can increase feelings of inferiority, jealousy and even depression.

5. Have lunch near the office.

Lunch on the outdoor veranda of the restaurant or in the park will relieve stress, lift your spirits and restore strength. In the sun, you actively produce the hormone of happiness. Treat yourself to a coffee and a scoop of ice cream at lunchtime. After lunch on the beautiful veranda you will be active and your working day will be easy.

6. Avoid unnecessary appointments.

In a situation where it is very difficult to work due to the heat, it is worth saving extra resources. Perhaps you should abandon a meeting that does not promise any results and discuss everything in the messenger. It’s also a good idea not to reply to messages and emails that don’t matter to you.

7. Get enough sleep.

Studies show that people with poor sleep are less productive. In summer, it can be much harder to get enough sleep due to many factors. Heat and humidity can be some of the biggest problems for a good summer sleep. If you do not have air conditioning, it is very important to have at least a fan. It will help to circulate air in the room.

8. Take Modavigil or Modalert.

These drugs are used to increase efficiency and productivity, increase brain power and mental activity. These are over-the-counter medications that help people maintain the highest reaction rate.