5 effective methods to help you fall asleep quickly

1. Clear your mind.

For one, the multiplication table helps to fall asleep, for others – to count the sheep. Find your technique that suits you. For example, imagine the treetops rustling on a summer day, the sun shining in the forest. Let your imagination add details: rosemary along the edges of the path, the chirping of birds. Imagine that you are calmly following this path. Along with such thoughts will come peace and sleep.

You can also imagine a big house. It can be both a real and a fictional building. Then mentally increases it to a huge size and thinks through all the details – cornices, gables, roof slopes, cracks in the walls. This mental projection will distract you from life’s worries, help you get a good night’s sleep.

2. Learn special breathing techniques.

Yoga practitioners claim that regular, simple exercise before bed can cure any type of insomnia. Indeed, during the day we experience stress and many yoga techniques aimed at relieving muscle tension will promote sound sleep. Breathing methods “5-5-5” and “4-7-8” can be used. Each digit is the number of seconds you need to inhale and exhale. In this case, the mouth should be closed and the tongue should rest against the palate, above the line of the teeth. Inhale and exhale through the nose. But do not think about technique, performing exercises, be creative. For example, imagine that on the exhale anxious thoughts leave your brain. As a result, your body will be filled with oxygen, and the countdown will reduce fatigue and help you fall asleep faster.

3. Practice proper sleep hygiene.

Buy an orthopedic mattress and pillows to help you relax. Bed linen and sleepwear should be made of natural materials – silk or cotton. Folk remedies, such as aromatic herbs, can help calm down and fall asleep. Of course, it is difficult to arrange a full-fledged aromatherapy with herbs at home. Just buy a small pillow with a healing scent (chamomile, valerian or mother’s wort) that will lie in your bed. Herbs can be purchased at specialty online stores or collected and dried yourself.

4. Follow a sleep schedule.

Psychologists say that any habit becomes a part of life in 21 days. Make a sleep schedule and stick to it during this time. This is especially true of falling asleep and waking up – learn to go to bed and get up at a certain time. You will notice how much easier it will be to wake up in the morning, feel refreshed and healthy. If you have a “floating schedule”, it is difficult for the body to have a healthy sleep.

5. Provide a healthy environment in the bedroom.

Lack of fresh air has a bad effect on your well-being. Sleeping in a stuffy, poorly ventilated room often leads to headaches in the morning. The reason is that the increased concentration of carbon dioxide exhaled during sleep provokes active vasodilation. This causes discomfort in the head, fatigue and general malaise. For a strong and healthy sleep, open the windows so that a stream of fresh air enters your home. In winter, a few minutes are enough to get fresh air into the room.

If you can’t handle insomnia, but need to be energetic and productive, take Artvigil or Armod. They will safely and effectively help get rid of the effects of insomnia.