7 ways to be energetic when working night shifts


1. Healthy sleep.

This mechanism was invented by nature. Most people neglect sleep, and few consciously use it to regain strength. The habit of getting enough sleep can be realized 100%. To regain strength, you need to follow a proper sleep pattern. Then you will have a lot of strength and energy.

2. Balanced diet.

We get energy from food all day. Try to drink a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning. During the day you need to drink 5 more glasses of water (1200-1300 ml). During the day it is also necessary to replenish the water balance and drink another 5 glasses of 250 ml. No food will give as much energy to the body as water.

Also, during the day you need to eat mostly nutritious food. The diet should consist of at least 50% vegetables and fruits. Fruits contain glucose, a universal source of energy.

3. Move more.

You can also regain strength and energy through exercise. The more we move, the more energy accumulates in the body. Without movement there is no life force, without life force there is no energy. Most people sit at the computer all day and lie on the couch at home. As a result, they feel lethargic. Therefore, it is necessary to do regular morning exercises. If you train in the morning for 30 minutes, the body will recover and recharge.

4. Breathing technique.

We may not sleep, eat or move for a while, but we must always breathe. Our life is impossible without breathing. Breathing is another process that, with the right approach, can help restore strength. This is the process of extracting energy from oxygen with the formation of carbon dioxide. The most common breathing technique is to hold your breath while inhaling or exhaling. This technique allows you to regain strength very quickly during a work shift.

5. Methods of relaxation.

This is another effective way to restore energy, relieve stress and fatigue. The big advantage of relaxation is that it can be used in a variety of circumstances. The simplest relaxation technique is shavasana (yoga technique). Lie on your back on the floor or on the bed and spread your legs and arms. It is important to try to relax as much as possible, starting from the tips of the toes and ending with the top of the head.

Another useful method of relaxation is a hot tub. After an hour of bathing you feel refreshed. Also, you need to be in nature as often as possible. Choose a method that will give you pleasure and energy after work.

6. Music.

People have long noticed the healing and restorative power of music. Now there is a whole science that studies the positive impact of music on human health. Listening to different songs, our mood and behavior can change. Wear headphones before bed and listen to music to improve your mood. Music affects the functioning of the brain, which leads to the rapid recovery of the whole body.

7. Take Armod or Artvigil.

These drugs are used to increase efficiency and productivity, increase brain power and mental activity. These are over-the-counter medications that help people maintain the highest reaction rate.