7 rules of nutrition to stay energetic in hot weather

1. Adjust your diet.

It is recommended to postpone the main meals to the coldest time of the day. It is best to wake up at 7 am for breakfast. Lunch will be moved to approximately 11: 00-11: 30. It is desirable to have dinner after 6 pm and then have a snack around 9 pm.

Breakfast should be the most nutritious (35% of the total daily diet): it will give you energy for the whole day. It is recommended to eat 50% of the daily amount of food for lunch and dinner, and it is desirable to leave 15% for an evening snack.

2. Cool your body with hot drinks.

It is better to drink a couple of cups of hot black or green tea than a cool cola. Sweat formed after drinking tea begins to actively evaporate from the surface of the skin, and we feel the long-awaited coolness. You can also drink herbal infusions, still mineral water, kefir, unsweetened compote or rosehip drink to quench your thirst. All these drinks will fill you with energy and relieve fatigue.

3. Eat potatoes, bananas and sesame seeds.

In the heat, our heart and blood vessels work with increased stress. To support them, you need to eat foods high in potassium. It is no coincidence that one of the most popular summer dishes is new potatoes with greens. Bananas, sesame seeds, broccoli and spinach are also rich in potassium. By filling your body with the right food, you save energy for daily tasks.

4. Replace meat with kefir and yogurt.

When we eat meat, we increase our metabolism by about 40%. If in the cold season it helps to warm up, then in the heat it causes increased sweating, loss of calories, general weakness and lethargy.

Therefore, it is better to replace meat with sour milk products in the heat. They contain essential amino acids, fluorine, calcium and potassium. Chicken eggs can be another source of protein in the heat (it is important only to ensure that they are fresh and stored according to all the rules).

5. Eat oatmeal before going to the beach.

Cereals are high-energy products that contain slow carbohydrates. They take a long time to digest, so after such a snack we feel full for a long time. This is especially important in the summer, during the long break between lunch and dinner.

Breakfast cereals will give you the strength and energy you need to relax on the beach, swim in the sea and enjoy a variety of outdoor games. Cereals also contain all kinds of vitamins and trace elements, and buckwheat also contains potassium, which is good for the heart.

6. Limit the consumption of ice cream and iced drinks.

Ice cream, like any sweet food, increases blood viscosity, is digested for a long time, and the content of sugar and additives in it increases thirst. Cold water cools the esophagus and trachea, lowering immunity. Decreased immunity can cause many diseases and lower energy levels.

7. Take Modalert or Modavigil.

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