4 tips to increase productivity

1. Exercise.

The brain develops due to regular physical activity. In particular, synapses increase the size of the points of contact with neurons. More cells appear in the brain and new connections are made between them. And if you exercise outdoors, you get vitamin D.

Try to change your exercise by doing it in different places and with different company. Then the forming cells in the brain will be more likely to connect in the right chain.

The main thing is to enjoy what you do. This helps to increase the effectiveness of the exercise, and you will become even more productive due to the development of brain activity.

2. Eat the “right” food.

The brain “eats” about 20% of all sugar and energy consumed by the body, and its functioning is highly dependent on blood glucose levels. When carbohydrate metabolism gets out of control, the brain protests and you feel it. When delicious food is eaten, dopamine is released in the pleasure center in the brain. That’s why we love delicious food. But positive emotions are needed not only by the brain but also by the gastrointestinal tract.

About 100 trillion microbes are registered in the human digestive system, and their balance is extremely important for the productive functioning of the body. Moreover, the gastrointestinal tract is often called the “second brain”. A varied and healthy diet is what you need for intestinal microorganisms to live happily. It is also useful to eat in the company of people, it helps the brain to join the effect of absorbing healthy food.

Therefore, choose those foods that will fill you with energy and give you strength. With proper and healthy nutrition, your brain will work harder and productivity will increase.

3. Give your brain a rest.

Moderate stress is extremely important, it helps us mobilize in times of danger. Stress causes the release of the hormone cortisol, which is released into the bloodstream and helps focus. But prolonged anxiety and high levels of stress are toxic to the brain. Thus, it is important to learn from time to time to “switch off” to give rest to this part of the brain.

The brain has a special “network” that allows us to dream, and is also important for strengthening memory. By disconnecting from external stimuli, we give it the opportunity to work.

So, during the working day you need to fantasize a bit. This can help you relax and be productive in your future work. If you find it difficult to disconnect from the outside world, try meditation techniques. They help reduce the release of stress hormones to an acceptable level.

4. Take Modavigil or Modalert.

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