7 foods that can cause daytime sleepiness (DS)

1. Almonds.

Almonds are a wonderful evening snack. Due to the content of tryptophan, it helps to fall asleep. But during the day this property causes DS. If you often feel tired and drowsy, try not to eat almonds in the morning. But you can eat them at bedtime. Thanks to the content of protein, it guarantees good sleep.

2. Bananas.

Bananas also contain tryptophan, which makes it easier to fall asleep. Breakfast with this fruit can cause drowsiness or fatigue before work. It is best to eat a banana late in the afternoon. Because they contain magnesium, you may experience fatigue and drowsiness after eating them. If you eat a banana before bed, dreams will be pleasant. This means that in the morning you will wake up in a great mood and be productive.

3. Cherry.

Cherries can be very helpful if you have trouble sleeping and you often wake up at night. Due to the content of melatonin, cherries promote restful sleep. But the same health benefits of cherries can cause drowsiness during the day. Therefore, it is recommended to eat cherries late in the afternoon. The hormone melatonin, which is contained in cherries, will improve sleep and normalize the endocrine system.

4. Carbohydrates.

Potatoes, bread and pasta can also cause DS and fatigue. Especially if you choose white flour products. They cause a rapid rise and fall in insulin. As a result, you have less energy and you want to take a nap.

5. Fatty and hearty food.

Most people have probably experienced this feeling when they really want to take a nap after a hearty meal. Eating fatty and nutritious foods causes DS. Too much fat in your diet has a negative effect not only on energy but also on health. If you want to be energetic all day, then instead of two big meals, eat a few small meals. Fat is necessary, it should not be afraid or get rid of it, but in excess it is harmful to the body.

6. Sugar.

Sugar promotes rapid and short-term increase in energy. After that you feel drowsy and tired. Simple sugar and sucrose are especially harmful to the body. Avoid or limit the consumption of sweets, and you will definitely feel better and get more energy.

A small amount of protein before or with sugar can help prevent DS caused by sweets. Choose a protein dessert, such as cheesecake or peanut butter sweets. The main rule is to eat nuts or meat before eating sweets.

7. Soy products.

Lunch at a Japanese restaurant is not the best idea, especially if you still have a lot to do. But for a relaxing dinner, a traditional miso soup or tofu salad is good. This is because soy products are rich in various amino acids, including tryptophan, an amino acid involved in melatonin synthesis. Therefore, eating these foods at lunch can make you drowsy.

In any case, if you often experience DS, take Artvigil or Waklert. These medications are an indirect dopamine receptor agonist that prevent the reuptake of this type of neurotransmitter by increasing its presence in the brain. This increases your wakefulness, clarity of thinking, and concentration which allows you to tackle and accomplish your tasks much more easily.