6 ways to increase your efficiency

1. Clearly defined goal.

It is impossible to influence one’s own effectiveness without checking it by the factor of achieving the goal. The more tasks you manage to achieve, the higher your productivity will be. If a person does not have a specific goal, he cannot succeed. His work turns into a job that may bring positive emotions but is not globally pleasing. To improve your capabilities, you need to clearly define the goals and ways to achieve them. Comparing your results with the previous day, you can quickly establish a positive trend.

2. Vitamin therapy.

Brain activity, the state of the nervous system and immunity depend on the content of vitamins and minerals in the blood. There are several factors in which a person does not receive the required amount of nutrients:

• the presence of serious diseases of the digestive system;

• adherence to a grueling diet in which trace elements, vitamins and essential omega acids do not enter the body;

• taking medication (antibiotics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs);

• unfavorable environmental situation, constant intoxication;

• Bad Habits;

Seasonal vitamin therapy (especially in spring and autumn, when the risk of hypovitaminosis increases) increases productivity.

Adequate content of magnesium, copper and iron prevents the development of lethargy and drowsiness. Only a doctor can prescribe a specific drug. The doctor will take into account the needs of the body, weight, age and other factors. The effectiveness of vitamin therapy can be expected only if it is completed by the course.

3. Reward for productivity.

Rewards encourage people to improve their own performance. To increase your productivity, you need to praise yourself for achieving a certain goal. At first you can set a task of a small level of difficulty, and after doing it, your mood will improve. Depending on personal preferences, the reward can be a walk and favorite treats. This allows you not to associate the process of achieving the goal with the difficulties.

4. Regular breaks during the working day.

One way to increase efficiency is to suspend your activities. Prolonged work leads to physical exhaustion, which reduces efficiency. Pause in the workflow allows you to:

• replenish physical and psychological resources.

• look at the quality of their work in a new way.

• get rid of shortcomings that are difficult to notice in a tired state.

Timely work breaks increase work efficiency. To not forget about the need for rest, you can use a simple method – set reminders on your gadget.

5. Healthy eating.

To normalize brain activity and improve performance, you need enough protein and iron. Maintaining a normal hemoglobin level prevents the development of anemia and concomitant weakness. Excessively strict diet and unbalanced diet are detrimental to performance. In a hungry state it is impossible to concentrate on the work process. The feeling of satiety (but not overeating) increases productivity. If you are not sure about the correctness of your diet, you can consult a specialist. He will create an individual meal schedule.

6. Take Modalert or Armod.

These medications are indirect dopamine receptor agonists that prevents the reuptake of this type of neurotransmitter, increasing its presence in the brain. This increases your wakefulness, clarity of thinking, and concentration which allows you to tackle and accomplish your tasks much more easily.