5 reasons to keep a success diary to improve your efficiency


1. Structuring thinking.

 A success diary is the same way of paying attention as a thank you diary. All of these tools are appropriate because we think more slowly when we write. In fact, by formulating thoughts on paper, we structure them. This powerful tool of internal dialogue helps to bring order to thoughts, reduce anxiety and learn to make informed choices and decisions.

2. Determining your path.

Everyone creates their own personal formula for success throughout their lives, and the path to it is also unique to everyone. For some, success is traveling and working by the ocean, and for some, creating a valuable product for many people. It is important for someone to surround themselves with loved ones, and inner harmony is a measure of success for him. We are all different, and if you see someone’s success on the Internet, it does not mean that this scenario is right for you.

A success diary allows you to create your own story. Define your values, understand what is really important to you and what you want to develop. And this is an important step in realizing yourself both personally and professionally.

3. Analysis of your victories.

By describing your victories and how you achieved them, you form your formula for success. You understand what should work effectively and what does not work at all. It helps in business, project development and efficiency. By analyzing, you are consciously approaching the achievement of your goal.

4. Opportunity to consider your plans.

Everyone has moments of absolute demotivation and disbelief in their abilities. Because on the way to the goal there are also dark periods – when nothing works out, when it’s scary and you don’t know what to do next.

It is very important to have a contingency plan to achieve your goal. For example, find another way to restore the value of yourself and the work done. And your success diary, which you can re-read at any time, is a great option. Even the smallest victory encourages you to increase your efficiency.

For example, you keep a success diary for a month or six months. You know your purpose. But after re-reading your notes, you suddenly realize that none of the results on the way to your goal brings you sincere joy.

The goal you set for yourself a few years ago may no longer matter to you.

We change, we gain new experiences, and a change of focus is normal. Sometimes it is much better to stop halfway if you realize that you do not like this path than to reach the goal, but at the same time be completely unhappy.

5. Daily motivation.

Imagine waking up 15 minutes early tomorrow, making your favorite tea or coffee, sitting at a table and opening a success diary. You can write in this notebook about yourself, thoughts about your life, dreams and goals. Such a break can change your day, create a mood for you and increase your own efficiency.

Stop and analyze, think, thank, rejoice – for this you need a diary of success. Stopping and thinking is what helps to spend the day effectively without losing a minute.

If you are so tired that you can’t even write in your success diary, relax and take Modavigil or Waklert. They will help increase your efficiency and productivity!