7 recommendations for improving efficiency

  1. Have a clear idea of ​​what is happening.

Before you start making plans, you first need to know the state of your affairs at the moment. Analyze your work from the beginning to the present day. This will give you a real understanding of what you have already improved and what you still want to change. To do this, do the following. Set clear goals. When you know what you want to achieve and want to achieve it, you work more efficiently. Think about what changes you expect. It is important to understand how specific improvements will affect your business and personal situation. Otherwise, you will be able to work effectively only for a short period, after which you will return to your old habits.

  1. Focus on your strengths.

Take a sheet of paper and write down everything you do well. Remember when you felt confident and achieved the results that suited you. Ignore weaknesses, focus only on your best qualities and strengths of the team, if you do not work alone.

Remember, everyone has their strengths. They are complemented by the abilities of others, and together they can give incredibly powerful results. You need to strive for this symbiosis for efficiency in your work.

  1. Delegate tasks.

Highlight your most important tasks, both personal and professional. If you have a business that you are not doing very well, delegate it to someone else. It will be much more effective.

Instead of wasting time and effort, determine who will be useful to you in what situation. Delegate or assign three main tasks every three months. This will help you free up time and increase your productivity.

  1. Organize your work.

Create your own productive day plan. You need to intend to spend the day productively. So instead of doing what you need to do, stop and decide what you really want to do. To increase productivity, you need to know exactly the to-do list for the day. Choose just three key tasks a day and do them.

Work on one task at a time. No matter what anyone says, it is impossible to work effectively on several things at once. Changing from one activity to another reduces energy and productivity. And if you can’t finish something, it can cause stress and lead to guilt. Therefore, of the three main tasks per day, focus on only one at a time.

  1.  Manage your energy.

It is important to maintain and develop your physical and mental strength. This will help you focus on your work and do it effectively. Take an hour and a half in the morning to think, train and plan what three important tasks you will perform today. These morning rituals motivate and help you have a productive day. Combine a few different tips until you find a combination that works for you.

  1.  Learn to say no.

Forget about working long and hard. Stop saying “yes” to those people, actions and things that reduce your energy. Instead, spend your time and energy on the tasks that work best and make you happier. The difference between successful and very successful people is that the latter know when to say no.

  1.  Take Armod or Artvigil.

These medications are indirect dopamine receptor agonists that prevent the reuptake of this type of neurotransmitter, increasing its presence in the brain. This increases your wakefulness, clarity of thinking, and concentration which allows you to tackle and accomplish your tasks much more easily.