What if you have insomnia?

Surely, many of us at least once for one reason or another have encountered this ailment. It’s not pleasant enough, because it’s not without reason that “heroic strength” in a sound sleep. It may not be necessary to be heroes, but for a normal organism needs at least 7-8 hours’ sleep in order to restore lost strength and mental state. In addition, insomnia is also a conditi on when the dream is superficial, in which the body does not receive a new charge of energy.

Causes of Insomnia

So, let’s look at the main reasons why sleep problems can occur.

Of course, external irritants can be attributed to the environmental factors that provoke insomnia: indoor climate (temperature, humidity, and oxygen supply), your bed (comfortable bed or sofa, orthopedic mattress and pillow), sound irritants (household appliances, neighbors).

It is imperative to ventilate the room, and it is good idea to go out for a walk before sleep.

The temperature recommended by doctors for a comfortable sleep of 16-20 degrees; however, adjust this parameter according to your own preferences.

Humidity is easily regulated with a humidifier, this is especially important during the period of connecting hot heating, or the use of heating appliances that “dry” the air. You can still use an ionizer; it makes the air “discharged”.

Now let`s talk about a bed. The bed should be wide enough and comfortable. Sellers will help to choose the softness of the pillow – now there is a huge assortment of these sleeping accessories. Also, you need to carefully approach the choice of bedding. The bedding should be clean, comfortable for the body and eyes.

The room should be free from extraneous noise, including background noise from appliances, radios, televisions, office equipment and cell phones. Since all sounds, statics and rays emanating from them are enemies of a healthy sleep. The brain should be able to relax and rest during sleep, and not to process extra information. It is best to avoid watching TV as much as possible. Also, you are very lucky if you come across peaceful neighbors or good soundproofing, and it is great luck if you don’t have any neighbors at all.

Physical factors affecting sleep – physical activity during the day, overeating, lifestyle, illness, and regimen.

So, a healthy lifestyle requires giving up bad habits (alcohol, smoking – always lead to a breakdown in any activity of the body), observing the daily regimen (having accustomed the body to a certain time of awakening, nutrition, teaching and fall asleep) and regimen food (try not to eat heavy food 2-3 hours before bedtime). Late dinner is better to replace a glass of sour-milk drink, or fruit, so as not to force the stomach to work in an enhanced mode. And one more thing – there should be physical activity during the day!

Mental and emotional states of overexcitation are faithful friends of insomnia. And it doesn’t matter if this overexcitation is negative or positive. It is important to relax, try to get rid of thoughts that cause this condition. Even if thoughts are connected with the happiest events, in the morning your state will remind you of a sleepless night.