How to sleep to stay young?

Sleep is one of the most mysterious conditions in which each person spends about 25 years of his life. It is no less impressive than other fantastic myths and unusual things, proven by modern science.

We have gathered interesting facts about sleep.

  1. A person can live without sleep for a maximum of several days, but only 3% of people will be in good vitality after a 5-6-hour rest.
  2. With age, changes occur not only in the effectiveness of rest, but also in the structure of sleep. Sleep phases replace each other in different ways in children and adults.
  3. The most useful is a dream between 10 p.m. and 12 a.m.
  4. To say exactly what a dream is and where it comes from, not a single study of the 21st century can. But a conscious dream has already been proven – i.e. the ability to personally manage the “picture”. It is surprisingly, given the fact that most of what you see is simply forgotten in a matter of minutes after waking up.
Side may be important

Has the habit of sleeping on one side always depressing you? However, this is not always bad. If you like to relax on your left side, it is not only useful (especially for digestion), but it can also save a life. It is on the left side that there are a huge number of lymph nodes, which help the body to filter out harmful toxins.

To develop a healthy habit of sleeping in one position, you can use the other side of the bed, thus contributing to psychological adaptation. Or put the light on the right, forcing you to turn away.

Ideal composition: 5 main components of a good rest

The rapid development of mobile communications and the frantic rhythms of modern life have a significant impact on sleep quality. But regular sleep deprivation is a source of nervous diseases, rapid aging, problems with blood vessels, decreased performance and psychological dissatisfaction with life. The key components of good sleep are:

1. Darkness: melatonin, which is also called the hormone of youth and beauty, is produced in sufficient quantities only in the complete absence of light.

2. Silence: the abundance of extraneous sounds acts as an irritant of the nervous system.

3. Fresh air in a room with a temperature regime within 20 degrees.

4. The minimum amount of clothing.

5. Orthopedic mattress. Morning lower back pain and back discomfort occur due to unnatural posture during night rest. A specially equipped sleeping place without metal springs eliminates the “wave effect” and bending under your own weight, which significantly reduces the risk of posture deformation. Materials produced on the basis of innovative technologies do not create static electricity, are hypoallergenic and waterproof. Finished products have good performance properties due to the strength and practicality of special filler that can be selected in accordance with the desired level of hardness.

Now you know the secrets of a good dream and you will probably not be included in 40% of people on Earth who, according to official statistics, suffer from insomnia.