The importance of sleep for the body

sleep problems

A sixth of the world’s population has sleep problems. Symptoms of sleep disturbance can occur in any person. Whether they will appear depends on the state of the organism, both psychological and physical. We often think that sleep disturbance is insomnia. But even more people suffer from daytime sleepiness. This is also a deviation from the norm and a sleep disorder. Let’s consider both options when a person has diseases such as sleep disorders.


People have the idea that insomnia is a disease of the elderly. But according to statistics, many young and middle-aged people have problems with sleep – they cannot fall asleep or sleep all night. Or their sleep lasts much less than normal, only a few hours. And nowadays even children suffer from insomnia.

Let’s try to understand whether a person really suffers from insomnia or whether insomnia is not a medical disorder. Obviously, if a person likes to sleep during the day and because of this cannot fall asleep at night, he has violated his biological rhythm. In this case, you just need to stop sleeping during the day and go to bed on time at night. But if a person cannot fall asleep both during the day and at night, or can sleep only a few hours a day (this means the usual routine of the day), then it is necessary to start thinking about solving this problem.

Insomnia has a significant negative impact on the state of the human body: memory impairment, inattention, impaired concentration, bad mood. The reasons that provoke insomnia can be different: psychological disorders, stressful situations, overeating before going to bed, abuse of smoking and alcohol, etc.

You can help yourself by changing your habits: try not to watch TV or play games before going to bed, prepare a low-calorie vegetable dinner a couple of hours before bed. We think that there is no need to talk about addiction to alcohol and smoking. It is so clear how these bad habits negatively affect the body. A very good tip: take a slow walk in the fresh air before going to bed. This greatly contributes to healthy and sound sleep.


Drowsiness is also a sleep disorder. According to doctors, sleepiness is more common than insomnia. Moreover, drowsiness is not considered to be any case when a person wants to sleep. For example, if a person has not slept enough for several days and is sleepy because of lack of sleep, this is not true sleepiness. The real problem arises if a person is sleepy and not productive after the usual 8-9 hours of sleep. If a person feels constant drowsiness for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to it. It is not normal. In this case, it is necessary to take drugs that help get rid of drowsiness, for example, Artvigil or Armod.

Let’s list several factors that cause a person to be drowsy.

  • Deficiency of vitamins in the body. With an unhealthy diet, the body receives little energy, which also leads to fatigue and sleepiness.
  • Harmful habits always contribute to the appearance of drowsiness.