Seven ways to stay active all day


1. Sleep

  Night is a time for sleep, and day is a time for activities. If you want to feel energetic from the beginning of the day, get enough sleep the day before. Take control of your sleep:

– Go to bed 15 minutes earlier than yesterday.

– Do not use the mobile phone one hour before bedtime.

The ideal amount of sleep is individual and depends on the state of your body. Some people need only 6-7 hours to sleep, and after 8-9 hours of sleep it is difficult for them to wake up. And some need to sleep 9 hours; otherwise they will be tired and sleepy all day. Find your perfect time and stick to it. Remember that sleeping less than 6 hours can lower glucose levels.

2. Check the schedule

   Get rid of “energy destroyers” in advance, such as wasting spending time on the Internet or telephone conversations. Plan your day so that no affairs “steal” your energy. Every evening, make a to-do list for the next day. Rank them and try to do all the things in a day.

3. Move every hour

   Listen to your body. What does it tell you? Lack of energy is the first sign that it is time to pay attention to the body. Set an alarm for every hour of work time and set aside five minutes for exercises. Get up from the workplace and move around. Do a couple exercises for posture.

4. Take breaks while working

  Follow the rules for permissible distance from the eyes to the monitor when you working at a computer. Use only a comfortable chair that will fit the size and physiology of your body. Prolonged sitting provokes a decrease in muscle tone. Never give up short breaks while working. Neglecting breaks or lunchtime enhances tiredness. Change your surroundings during breaks. Go outside or at least open the windows. Fresh air will give a new burst of energy.

    5. Look what’s on your plate

  Do not forget about meals, so as not to feel hunger and lack of energy because of it. But also do not overeat, as the body will spend energy on the digestion of food. It will be difficult to work in such conditions. Refuse sweets in favor of vivacity. Instead of simple carbohydrates, start eating whole grains. The body processes these products longer, so it stays more energetic. Replace coffee with peppermint tea or other herbal tea.

6. Relax and have fun

Massage your neck and earlobes. Tilt your head left and right, back and forth, make circular movements. This massage and exercises will increase your vitality and reduce drowsiness.

Drink a glass of water. As you know, hunger is often disguised as thirst, and besides a glass of cool water copes with stress no worse than valerian. With a lack of fluid, the body does not have enough energy.

Breathe, it will calm and help you tune in to a wave of vivacity and energy.

7. Work with pleasure

    A person engaged in an unloved work tends to experience fatigue and disappointment. Set goals for every day, and take stock at the end of your work time. You will feel better when you rejoice at even the smallest achievements.