Impact of night shift work on human health

1.        Hormonal and physiological disruptions.

The human body should be active during the daytime and rest (sleep) at night. Our senses and internal organs work exactly according to this schedule. Activity at an unnatural time for the body becomes a direct cause of disruption in the production of the main hormones:

• cortisol (handles the functioning of the heart and nervous system);

• insulin (regulating metabolism);

• leptin (forming a sense of satiety);

• melatonin (longevity hormone);

• mood-forming serotonin.

Any hormonal disruption has catastrophic consequences for the entire body.

Heart disease is the consequence of stress and state of depression, diabetes, obesity and anorexia, mood swings.

2.        Deterioration of appearance.

Night work also affects a person’s appearance: early graying, the appearance of wrinkles, the structure of the skin and hair disturb the person. People who work regularly at night age prematurely. Violation of the natural biorhythm leads to a weakening of the immune system. First, in women, the menstrual cycle gets lost, and men note problems with the prostate. The internal organs do not fully perform their functions. Forced restructuring of the body to a nocturnal lifestyle often becomes the reason of:

• infertility (in both men and women);

• high and low blood pressure and vascular tone;

• various infections and colds;

• violations of the respiratory system and gastrointestinal tract.

The consequences of night shifts are often irreversible.

3.        Mood changes or problems with sleep.

Sleep disturbances and insomnia are not as harmless as they might seem at first. The body must be awake during the day. However, in the case of night work, when the natural sleep time comes, you need to go to work.

Daytime sleep can in no way be a complete substitute for nighttime sleep. Since it is not so long, the body does not have time to recover, and the brain does not have time to rest. With severe fatigue, it is possible to fall asleep, but the organs continue to work intensively. Bad mood in such periods is guaranteed.

In a person who is not fully resting, habits change, his character becomes unbearable. Irritation and nervousness accumulate, and there is no strength left for the manifestation of warm feelings to love ones. The growth of emotionality can gradually lead to aggression towards others and nervousness.

4.        Loss of concentration.

It takes some time before you get sick and tired. However, the loss of concentration can manifest itself almost immediately. Person working at night sometimes cannot focus his attention on performing even very simple tasks. For example, while driving, such an employee poses a serious threat to all road users. Falling asleep for man at the wheel is a threat to everyone. For this reason, during night shifts perform mostly automatic work.

Of course, if it is possible, night work should abandon in favor of a healthier schedule. If you still need this work, you can use modafinil, such as Armod or Modalert.