How to increase energy in winter?

In winter, people often suffer from lack of energy due to lack of sun, heat and fresh plant foods. There are some tips to help you feel great even in the cold winter season.

1. Take a contrast shower.

Contrasting shower is a very useful and versatile means. Due to the alternation of hot and cold water, blood circulation increases, skin cells are renewed, metabolism is accelerated, and energy levels increase. A contrast shower can improve not only health and energy, but also appearance.

To get the most out of a contrast shower, follow some rules:

• always start with hot water;

• before turning on the cold water, carefully warm the body with hot water;

• it is necessary to take a contrast shower starting from the upper part of the body, and not vice versa;

• for best results, alternate hot and cold water at least four times;

• finish the morning contrast shower with cold water and the evening with hot water;

These actions will be a good massage for your skin.

2. Take short walks in the fresh air.

In winter, a person spends most of the time indoors, depriving himself of solar energy and fresh air. Despite the fact that the sun is much less active in winter, it still gives us energy. Even if the sun is behind the clouds, you will still get the right amount of sunlight. This amount of sunlight helps to raise vitality and energy.

It is best to get the sun in the morning. As a result, our body will be able to replenish solar energy to the maximum and become more energetic. Take short daily walks and fill the cells with oxygen.

3. Eat healthy food.

In winter, the body needs vitamins more than ever. Eat more seasonal vegetables and fruits. Artificially grown foods can do little good to the human body.

In winter, our body can be replenished with vitamins by eating vegetables and fruits such as cabbage, carrots, shallots, turnips, persimmons, oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, kiwis, avocados, lemons, quinces.

Grow microgreens in your home. Sprouted grains contain a maximum of vitamins and trace elements that will heal the body. It is best to germinate wheat, lentils, rye, oats, mung beans, buckwheat. These grains are the easiest to germinate, and they have all the essential nutrients that humans need.

Add healthy spices to your diet. Turmeric, cinnamon and ginger are spices that promote health and increase vitality. If you eat these three spices every day, you will strengthen the body and cope with winter depression.

4. Do breathing exercises for 10 minutes a day.

A great way to raise energy levels is daily breathing exercises. If you exercise for at least 10-15 minutes every day, you will become healthier and happier.

5. Go in for sports.

Sport is an excellent remedy for depression, strengthens the immune system, speeds up metabolism, and fills the body with endorphins.

To be energetic in winter, you need to exercise daily. You can spend only 20-30 minutes a day on sports, and that will be enough to feel fun. Divide the set of exercises into several parts and do them at different intervals.