Generic Drugs vs Brand Name Drugs

Generic Drugs vs Brand Name Drugs

Choosing between generic and brand name drugs is really hard. To make the decision that is right for you, you better find out the differences and similarities between two of them. Even if you have a prescription filled by the pharmacist, there is a good chance that you are already taking generic drugs. The thing is, almost 80 % of prescription drugs are generics, which helps hospitals and patients save lots of money.

Common Similarities

Basically, brand name drugs and generics are the same. They both contain identical active ingredients, and generic medications must also meet the UK’s official standards for medical substances. So, here is the list of all the most obvious similarities between the two type of drugs:

  • effects (we need drugs for treating specific problems, so their copies must do the same impact to our bodies);
  • dosage form (a particular configuration and a form in which medications are marketed for use, e.g. capsule shell, tablet, caplet, etc.);
  • dosage strength (the strength of medication that indicates the amount of active ingredient in a formulation).

Generics and brand name drugs, which are also called innovator drugs, contain the same components and have the exact same form. If you are looking for a generic Modafinil, make sure it looks just like the original one, and check if their contents are not different. If everything is fine, and you buy from the reliable store, do not be afraid of taking the generics. What? How come they cost different? Well, that is because of the differences between the drugs.

The Main Differences

Unlike the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, small drug manufacturers have to compete on price. Besides, they do not really spend that much on: they do not have to invest in the drug development process, because they just make copies using some well-known drug formulas. Most of the generic drug manufacturers are located in India and other Asian countries where the resources and raw materials are much cheaper than in the Europe and North America.

Also, while active ingredients are identical, the excipients (inactive substances) may differ. This is mostly unimportant, unless a patient is allergic to one of the fillers, coloring agents, or preservatives. Some people say generics are even more effective then branded medicines (and, to tell the truth, there are people who think generics do not work for them at all). However, more researches are needed to prove that such differences exist.

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