Five tips to improve your productivity


1.        Reading.

Reading is one of the most productive activities in the world. Books are our mentors, but no hourly pay. They know about everything that their authors have learned and are ready to share this knowledge to you at any time.

Reading the right books helps you to speak beautifully. Speaking at meetings or interviewing for a job is sure to be in every person’s life. Thus, by reading books you gain knowledge and develop your productivity.

2.        Sleep.

Healthy sleep affects a person’s productivity throughout his life. Science is constantly studying this condition and its effect on the body (neuron restoration, memory archiving and muscle tissue growth). The main thing is that based on our knowledge of sleep, personal effectiveness can significantly increase if a person sleeps well. Brain activity peaks between 2 and 4 hours after waking up. This means that if you wake up at six in the morning, then at 8-10 a.m. your brain will be most productive.

If you find it difficult to concentrate and solve some problem, try to get some sleep. After an hour waking up, you will be able to assess the situation and get to work. This method will help increase productivity by about ten times. If you can’t sleep for at least a couple of hours, try Modavigil or Modalert. These drugs will safely help to be energetic and active even after a sleepless night.

3. Throwing things away.

For example, if you prefer to read books electronically, do not collect a library at home. It is also worth revising your wardrobe every six months. Do not save things that you will never wear again. You can donate or sell unnecessary things to those who really need them.

When you get rid of old things, free space immediately appears. Free space, in turn, attracts something new, with new energy. In addition, clearing the space regularly will cheer you up.

4.        Lack of news.

There are many things happening in the world every second, but not all of them can affect your life. In addition, as for the important news, while you live in society, important event will not be pass by.

There are also many terrible things happening right now and rarely is the news positive. Reading such news will negatively affect your mood and may to force you to give up positive thinking. Do not let negative emotions take over your life. In such a case, productivity decreases and you focus on not necessary problems. This means that we must focus on what is close to us and may be of direct relevance to us.

5. Business meetings, telephone, e-mail.

If you have such opportunity, try not to have business meetings, but resolve issues electronically. It is better to spend your free time in meetings with friends. Such a meeting will help you to increase productivity.

Try to talk on the phone as little as possible. Solving all-important issues is much more effective electronically. A phone call can be stressful. The less telephone conversations you have in your life, the more productive you are.

Learn to deal with e-mail one hour a day, no more. In this case, you will free your time and thoughts from the constant answers to questions.