Effect of colors on sleep quality


In a dream, a person spends a significant part of life. Since the emotional state affects our health, a lot depends on how we sleep and where we sleep. Thus, it is necessary carefully select the colors that used in the bedroom.

We must not forget that the colors that we see on the eve of sleep directly affect the dream itself.

The human eye has receptors that read information about the world around us. They send signals to that part of the brain that is responsible for the correct and necessary amplitude of rhythms for the body. Therefore, the intensity of the beating of our heart, the work of the stomach and liver directly depend on what kind of energy a person received from the external organs of perception (olfactory, auditory and visual receptors).

For restful sleep, use the following colors:   

1.        White. It is the color of tranquility. White color combined with yellow, will add tranquility to sleep.

2.        Pink. It is the color of tenderness, promotes relaxation. This color is often used in bedrooms. Pink shades provide relaxation for the whole body.

3.        Blue. It is the color of purity and optimism. Blue is considered the best option for a bedroom. The color of health and tranquility promote healthy and sound sleep. When choosing bedding, pay attention to different shades of blue. The blue color of the bedding helps a person avoid heavy dreams and nightmares.

4.        Green. It is the color of nature and life. It gives the feeling of sleep in nature, provides comfort and tranquility. The only thing to keep in mind is that it is best to avoid dark shades when using it.

5.        Red color awakens passionate emotions, creates a romantic atmosphere. Aggressive red is not a good color for restful sleep. This is the color of passion and best used for slightly different purposes.

6.        The yellow color is the color of the sun and energy. It often acts as an antidepressant. It is best used in small rooms, and do not overdo it with saturation. Bright colors may not have a beneficial effect on sleep quality.

7.        Orange is the color of good mood.  It is the color of a positive attitude and joyful emotions. The use of this color can easily interrupt the negative mood before bed and provide pleasant dreams.

8.        Light-blue is the color of health. Light-blue is the color of water and sky; it calms and slows down the running of thoughts. If you want to relieve stress after work, use light-blue tints for the bedroom. This color can combine with light brown details.

In addition to colors, you should pay attention to the pattern of bed linen. It is important to remember that large drawings usually have a stimulating effect, while small ones are calming. For relaxation, it is best to use natural themes – trees, lakes, rivers. Large images of flowers or rich ornaments are best for creating vivid impressions.