Five reasons that cause sleepiness during working time

In winter, it is difficult to wake up cheerful and immediately get to work. Thus, it is necessary to study in advance the reasons of manifestation of such problem to correct them as much as possible.

1. Seasonal factor.

Daylight is significantly reduced in winter, leading to a lack of sunlight and vitamin D in the human body. In addition, a person spends most of this day indoors. Lack of sufficient natural light increases the production of melatonin (sleep hormone). At the same time, the concentration of serotonin (joy hormone) decreases. As a result, a person has a desire to sleep (even during the day), which is accompanied by a “nervous” mood.

Since not everyone can stop working in the winter, you just need to reconsider your regime. Spend more time outdoors, take regular breaks and get some fresh air. Even a 10-15 minute break will help to significantly lift your spirits.

2. Poor sleep due to illness.

Often, daytime sleepiness develops when a person is ill. It can also be associated with medications such as painkillers and energy loss caused by the disease. Experts say that if drowsiness is associated with malaise, you should allow yourself to rest. It is better to try to take a sick leave or a couple of days off to restore vitality and take care of your health.

3. Night insomnia.

If a person sleeps poorly at night, often wakes up and has nightmares, in the morning he feels depressed. In this case, he will feel sleepy all day. After all, you need to maintain a balance of rest. If you ignore chronic insomnia for a long time, you can get extremely negative consequences. The brain can block consciousness due to extreme fatigue. As a result, many people often fall asleep in transport and may even lose consciousness in a store, at work or anywhere else. To avoid this, you can take modafinil, such as Armod or Artvigil.

4. Lack of oxygen.

Lack of fresh air is an extremely unpleasant condition for the human body. The brain cannot function properly without oxygen, and none of the systems will function without it. Lack of oxygen is formed quite easily: just spend the whole day in a stuffy room. Against the background of lack of ventilation and walking on the streets, active oxygen starvation is developing. As a result, a person has a desire to sleep right now, as well as headaches, memory problems, feelings of fatigue and depression.

To correct the situation, you should try to ventilate the room where you have to stay all day. You can also try to agree with colleagues on a specific schedule: opening the window 2 times a day for 10 minutes. That will be enough.

5. Fasting.

People who are fond of different diets are often prone to daytime sleepiness. Salads, raw carrots, zucchini puree – all this allows you to significantly adjust your waist and weight. However, a nutrition imbalance and a deficiency of essential trace elements and substances force the body to switch on the energy saving mode. Lack of proper blood sugar causes drowsiness and irritability. You should not follow strict diets for weight loss. It is enough to eat a balanced and proper diet.