Daytime sleep: is it necessary?

daytime sleep

The best time to sleep is at night. But what if you want to sleep during the day? Especially after a lunch break, when you relax and your body asks for a little nap. Is it worth lying down on a bed or a cozy office sofa during working hours?

It is worth it, but sometimes not for everyone and not always. It happens that an afternoon nap provokes lethargy and a desire to sleep further. In general, daytime sleep is divided into several types.

This is regular sleep (when you lie down to take a nap every day), planned (if you have a party or a flight to another country, and you need to be active and energetic at night), and unplanned sleep (you fall asleep right at work and cannot cope with this drowsiness).

Usually, regular sleep after the lunch break is practiced by “larks”, who already feel tired and sleepy at lunch. “Owls” go to break a little later – around 4 p.m. In general, how active a person is during the day depends on what time he wakes up in the morning and what time he goes to bed at night. So, for example, it is better for “larks” to have a nap from 2 p.m., and for “owls” – from 3 or 4 p.m. It is at this time that brain activity decreases, so it is better to rest at this time.

And how to sleep? Just lie down for 10 minutes with your eyes closed or fall asleep soundly for an hour or a half? It depends on what you want to get from sleep: to cheer up a little or to gain a lot of energy. You can lie on the sofa for half an hour or you can go to bed and take an hour nap on a silk blanket.

There are also several types of afternoon sleep in terms of duration.

The first is ultrasleep. It is short, but it helps to get rid of unnecessary information. The maximum duration of such sleep is 6 minutes. Ultrasleep is practiced by students who do not sleep well at night (they can fall asleep even during classes).

If 6 minutes is absolutely not enough to be energetic and productive again, you can fall asleep for 10 minutes. This is a microsleep. It is also a good invigorator if the body is somewhat tired. In addition, after waking up after a microsleep, there will be no “sleep inertia”, a state in which a person does not understand where he is and what is happening around him.

Another type of sleep is the so-called “moderate”, lasting 45 minutes. After such a nap, the same “sleepy inertia” may occur. However, after waking up, a person feels more energetic.

“Long” daytime sleep is most useful for schoolchildren and children attending kindergarten. It is about an hour or an hour and a half. It is best to sleep for exactly one and a half hours, as it will be easier to wake up if the awakening falls on exactly such a time.

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