Can Modafinil Boost Your Creativity?

When it comes to creativity, we tend to think of Salvador Dali or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but this phenomenon is defined as the ability to generate and recognize ideas and possibilities. So, the natural question is whether everyone can be creative or not. We are pretty sure the answer is positive, because being creative simply means being capable of producing something new. The only thing one lacks is a clear mind (and this is when we are about to tell you how Modafinil helps you stay awake, focused, and productive).

Let’s cut to the chase and highlight the main features of this smart drug, which are as follows:

  • stress reduction (cortisol, the stress hormone, block the brain from concentrating, and the significant depression even may lead to memory loss);
  • dopamine boosting (this neurotransmitter affects brain functions associated with creativity and is also known to motivate people to feel pleasure, happiness, and seek positive reward as well);
  • cognitive enhancement (Modafinil is capable of sharpening focus and memory, so it can supercharge mood and motivation – the two main things you need to create something new).

How exactly can Modafinil help with creativity?

Although nootropics may have lots of positive effects and make you super productive, there is no evidence that suggest Modafinil is able to directly enhance creativity. Being creative at work is a combination of multiple things, including asking questions, constantly searching for great ideas, being aware and open to anything new. These are the skills that cannot be boosted by magic pills, because you should expand them and work on them every day. Since it takes a lot of time to live and learn, you should have enough energy for it – and that is exactly why you can take Modafinil. It will not make you creative in a blink of an eye, but it will help you feel motivated and focused on the thing that matters most.