6 morning routines to boost energy

1. Yawn and stretch.

The first morning ritual you need to do without getting out of bed is to yawn and stretch. During yawning, the mouth and throat open, and the deep breaths that occur during this process help the air to enter the lungs. The blood is enriched with oxygen, the muscles of the neck and face are tensed, which activates blood circulation and brain function. In this way, yawning will help you cheer up.

After yawning several times, stretch carefully. During sleep, your body is in a static position and your muscles are numb. Stretching stretches many parts of the body at once, which helps to wake up quickly and improve blood circulation. Half a minute is enough to stretch well, alternately stretching and tensing the muscles of the arms and legs. As a result, you will be energetic during the day.

2. Take a deep breath.

Before getting out of bed, you can do a short breathing exercise to further saturate your body with oxygen. Try a deep breathing technique to wake up in the morning. This method involves the upper and lower lungs.

Lying on your back, start filling your lungs with air. First, the abdomen is “filled” (you can put your hand on it to feel the air coming in), then the space in the area of ​​the lower ribs expands, after which the entire chest is filled with air. Then, consistently completely exhaling air from the lungs, relax the abdomen.

3. Minute exercise.

During sleep, the body recovers, improves immunity and metabolism. After sound sleep, the body’s systems are stagnant, some time after waking up, everything begins to function in standard mode. Exercise helps to accelerate the activation of the body. Exercise speeds up blood flow, which helps to wake up faster. Even the most unsportsmanlike person can force himself to train for one minute. A one-minute morning workout will be very helpful and will help you wake up and be energetic all day.

4. Contrasting shower.

Morning is a time for a contrasting shower, because after it the body wakes up and you are filled with energy. The main rule is to perform a contrast shower correctly. First turn on the warm water, then slightly increase the temperature, then decrease. Under hot water, the body should stay longer than under cold. With the right balance of water temperature at the end of the procedure you will feel energetic.

5. A glass of warm water.

During sleep in the body there are restorative processes, the breakdown of toxins. A glass of warm water after waking up promotes the removal of harmful substances and more effectively cleanses the walls of the intestines and stomach.

Medical research has shown that drinking a glass of water every day on an empty stomach speeds up metabolism by 20-30%. Organs and tissues are faster supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Water tones all body systems and allows you to be energetic during the day.

6. Take Modalert or Modavigil.

To be energetic after a sleepless night, take Modalert or Modavigil. First of all, they help you to be better focused during the day even if you sleep for only 3 – 4 hours at night. Secondly, you’ll be working more effectively, staying awake longer, and feeling much better by the end of a long hard day. Don’t blow your chances – just buy these drugs in the UK and improve your mental health and mood.