3 Common Myths About Nootropics That You Better Not Fall For

Over the past five years, people’s interest in nootropics has seen a significant increase (according to Google Trends). Most of the Internet users are still wondering what nootropics really are and how they impact human’s mental abilities. They also mistakenly believe that all the products improving cognition are actually nootropics, which is definitely not true. So, it is obviously the time to debunk the most common myths about these “magic pills”.

Smart Drugs Are the Key to Being Smarter

Nope. In fact, they cannot raise your IQ, but somehow they are capable of enhancing brain functioning. If you want to give your mind an extra boost, all you need is smart drugs. These compounds are known to increase dopamine – an important organic chemical which works both as a hormone and (what is much more important in our case) as a neurotransmitter. Dopamine helps regulate body movements, learning and memorizing abilities. It even regulates attention and motivation, which is why after taking a pill one can stay focused and more productive significantly longer. But still, motivation, memorization, focusing on things do not make people smarter in terms of genuine intelligence.

For better or worse, there are no such thing on a market as a magic pill giving people superpowers. We all are real persons, not some movie characters that can be limitless thanks to nootropic supplements. A pill that can make you smarter is an interesting concept, but what is more interesting and really worth thinking on is a phrase said by Vernon, one of the characters, “Works better if you are already smart”.

Nootropics Are Synthetic, Dangerous and Addictive

Well, considering smart drugs to be synthetic chemicals is partially true. Most of the modern nootropics do need to be distillated and processed to be usable, effective and harmless. This fact makes people really suspicious of the brain-boosters, while there is actually nothing to worry about. The thing is, all the synthetic nootropics have been studied and proved to be both significantly efficient and safety. Furthermore, many of them are capable of helping people recover from brain injuries and even of promoting brain cells’ growth. Synthetic smart drugs work much better in comparison to natural substances because they are easier to digest. After taking one of those pills, people usually fell the positive effects within minutes. With regard to the myths that smart drugs cause addiction, it is, by definition, not true because they are not stimulants, yet it is still necessary to consult a doctor before start using them.

Smart Drugs Do Not Work

Yes, they do. People just need to set goals right and realize how nootropics works. They enhance your cognition and brain functioning, help you stay focused and productive at work even you had a bad night’s sleep. However, they cannot make you a brilliant student until you start learning harder and spend more time at the library, for example. Smart drugs also cannot replace 8 hours of healthy deep sleep, but they can help you feel better if you happened to undersleep the day before.
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