Tips for those who have insomnia

Tips for those who have insomnia

Sleep is necessary for every living being to be active, energetic and productive. Most people need seven to eight hours to rest. But what to do when a person cannot rest because he is very worried about something or something hurts? Or woke up at night and then can’t fall asleep?

There are many reasons for insomnia, such as working night shifts, studying or working late, excitement, an unusual place or even an uncomfortable bed or pillow. In addition, this problem can be a signal of the beginning of some disease.

Even gender matters – women are one and a half times more prone to insomnia than men. It also happens like this: when changes occur in the body of elderly people, sleep becomes not as sound as it was in their younger years. Some people may have certain sleep problems from childhood (heredity, previous illnesses) or it may be disturbed due to brain injuries or certain diseases of the nervous system. And with some diseases (for example, depression, alcoholism, neuroses), sleep disturbance is the main symptom.

It is believed that if a person cannot fall asleep within 15-20 minutes after going to bed for several days in a row, he has started having problems sleeping. According to scientists, about a billion people in the world suffer from this disease.

There are many ways to overcome insomnia: you can count elephants, sheep, change your lifestyle, take sedatives. Sleep aids are the most popular method, although other methods can be equally effective.

If the cause of insomnia was overtiredness or emotional stress, this is the so-called “functional insomnia”, which disappears after a certain time even if nothing is done. Otherwise, you can first try to just fall asleep and wake up at a certain time – this way the body will get used to the regime. Also, it is possible to change the mattress, pillow or bed linen to a more comfortable one.

Before going to bed, you should take an evening walk in the fresh air, but it is not recommended to go for a walk if there is less than an hour left before bedtime. Immediately before going to bed, it is advisable to air the bedroom, turn on calm music. In general, in the evening, try to relax; you can watch some comedy or your favorite series on TV instead of a horror movie or news.

At night, do not consume foods that stimulate the nervous system: coffee, alcohol, and chocolate, cocoa. You should not overeat before going to bed, especially fatty and spicy food, but you should not go to bed hungry either.

It is important to sleep at night and stay awake during the day, not the other way around. These are biological rhythms, which should be included in the daily rhythm program of a person. A number of hormones in the body are produced only at night. If you have significant daytime sleepiness, take Modalert or Modavigil. These medications contain Modafinil, it is used as one of the most efficient drugs for treating daytime sleepiness, chronic fatigue, and loss of concentration.