Three-minute gymnastics that helps to be energetic all day


One of the best ways to help yourself be in a good mood, to be energetic and productive all day is to do morning exercises. But does everyone have the desire and strength to get out of a warm bed early in the morning and do the necessary exercises? Unfortunately no, does not. But everyone can do three-minute gymnastics at home!

Specialists who practice oriental medicine recommend that you definitely do some morning gymnastics that lasts only 3 minutes and allows you not to get up from a cozy bed. The complete set includes 25 simple exercises. But beginners can try a shorter version consisting of only 5 basic exercises, which are very effective and will help you get rid of stress and be productive and energetic. Ideally, you should start doing exercises immediately after waking up, but doing them throughout the day is also useful.

Exercise #1. Carefully rub the ears with the index and thumb of both hands 10-20 times, then do the same with the palms, also 10-20 times. Already after the first exercise, you can feel that drowsiness disappears and you become more energetic.

Exercise #2. Massage the head with the palms of the left and right hands simultaneously in circular motions, 10-15 times.

Exercise #3. In circular motions, stroke your face with your palms, touching your cheeks and temples. Do this exercise 15-20 times.

Exercise #4. Sit in the lotus position and, crossing your fingers, put your hands on the back of your head. In this position, tilt your head back 15-20 times.

Exercise #5. Sit down, bend slightly and stretch your legs. With the palms of both hands, rub the lumbar area from the spine to the side and vice versa with light pressure. Repeat the exercise 15-20 times.

It is not surprising if after the end of the last exercise there is a desire to repeat all the exercises from the beginning. You should not deny yourself this pleasure.

Thanks to such simple exercises, all the most important points of the body are instantly activated. This will help you feel great and have a good mood throughout the day. This kind of gymnastics does not require significant effort and only very lazy people can deny themselves the pleasure of being healthy. In some books on oriental medicine, it is described that such gymnastics changed the lives of some people. So maybe you should try and make sure of it yourself?

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