1. Run.

Running a few hours a week can help improve memory. Regular running starts the process of creating new blood vessels that feed the brain cells. During running, the brain is enriched with oxygen, so new information is remembered faster. In addition, running is a great solution for dealing with bad moods and depression. It has been proven that regular exercise for several months can improve the functioning of the hippocampus, and consequently improve some types of memory.

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1. Yawn and stretch.

The first morning ritual you need to do without getting out of bed is to yawn and stretch. During yawning, the mouth and throat open, and the deep breaths that occur during this process help the air to enter the lungs. The blood is enriched with oxygen, the muscles of the neck and face are tensed, which activates blood circulation and brain function. In this way, yawning will help you cheer up.

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1. Take a hot bath with pine essential oils.

Hot baths with pine essential oils can detoxify the body and speed up the transport of oxygen to the cells. Previously, this method of rehabilitation was used in sanatoriums as rehabilitation after serious illness. In today’s world, hot tubs are a fairly simple and effective way to relax, get more energetic and boost your immunity. Experts recommend taking hot baths at night at least once a week.

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1. Meditation.

Meditation can include different exercises for each person. These are mostly calm, purposeful breathing exercises that will help you achieve peace of mind. Studies have shown that meditation has a beneficial effect on the brain itself. Memory, concentration and many other brain functions can be improved through regular meditation.

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